VIDEO – Setup CCCam for Skybox using USB

The loading method is quite different and much simpler as compared to Dreambox decoder thanks to its built-in USB 2.0 host port. And what users need to have is a USB thumbdrive ‘with CCcam.cfg file stored into it’ plugged into the USB 2.0 host port of the decoder.

If you already have those ready, follow below steps:

1- From the remote control, go to Menu — Network Local Setting — CCcam Plug Setting.

2- Under CCcam Plug Setting, choose Update Files By USB’.

3- When prompted for Add Update Files, choose CCcam.cfg from CCcam Plug followed by Read with Yellow button.

4- Then, go to Manage Config Files — Highlight CCcam.cfg and press OK.

5- By now you should see the cline server, click Active with Green button to activate it so that they are online connected to card sharing server.

Hopefully this is simple enough and can be done even by newbies that has no such experience before.